AI sales enablement that changes the game entirely.

Are you ready to give your team the unfair advantage?

Prospecting | Preparation | Practice | Performance

Secure, Trusted AI Sales Enablement Suite.

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Smart integrations make working with any LLM a breeze.

Immediate Value Creation

Autonomous AI agents tuned by career sales professionals.

Autonomous AI Prospecting

SaleSage swarm agents do dynamic prospecting while you sleep.

Performance Support

Just-in-time (JIT) performance support while on calls, in meetings, or sales prep.

Role Playing

Dynamically generated realistic role playing as the sales professional or the customer.

Meeting Preparation

Prepare for calls, meetings and prospecting in minutes.

Skill Acquisition

Truly adaptive mentorship that tracks and aligns to what is most important for you.

Your Data

Securely bring your corporate data in the era of AI, while continuously learning and adapting dynamically to your team needs.


Customer reported increase in productivity


Hours saved annually per rep.


More growth with the resources you have.

Imagine Having Your Sales Intelligence Exactly Where You Need It

These are just a few of the ways SaleSage can integrate with your current sales tech stack.

Integrate with Google Workspace, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Gemini and more.

Bring your zoom or other meeting transcripts intro SaleSage for unparalleled insights.

Want SaleSage as an bot in Slack, we got you covered.

Zapier integration unlocks endless potential for integration to your favorite business applications.

Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics, DataBricks, Active Directory SSO, even connect to your own enterprise LLM in Azure.

Compatible with latest AWS infrastructure, tools and AI/ML utilities.

Bring SaleSage to your teams chat as an agent to support the entire team in the flow of work.

Of course SaleSage integrates with your SalesForce instance.

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